At “FuneraliaTM” funeral home, located in Timișoara, on Liviu Rebreanu Boulevard, no. 98, there are available two wake rooms: one on the ground floor and another one upstairs, with separate access, each of these rooms being composed of two different spaces.

The first one is for the people at the wake, and the second one, smaller in size, is dedicated to the deceased standing on the catafalque.

These two precincts, and, each of the wake rooms is separated, insulated and soundproofed by a glass window wall, provided with a door.




(B) The catafalque rooms

• coffin refrigeration (an equipment used to preserve the deceased, provided for free, with no extra charge to the persons who rent a wake room in our funeral home;

6-8 light folding chairs, that allow the rest of those gathered around the coffin and who, despite all the pain and physical trauma, desire to stay near the coffin;

• also, in the catafalque room there are candles and religious objects – icons, crucifixes, statues and so on – according to iconographic rules and religious requirements (orthodox, roman-catholic, greek- catholic, protestant, neo protestant) of the deceased.



 (A) The wake rooms, on the ground floor and upstairs, the first precinct having 82 m2, and, the second one 113 m2, ensure specific facilities for this type of public spaces:

  • • in the wake room on the ground floor, there are five comfortable sofas, upholstered with black leather (for 3 persons, each) and in the wake room upstairs, there are seven sofas matching with the coffee tables, facilities meant to ease relaxation during the wake;
  • air conditioning;
  • minibar and coffee (surcharge!);
  • (on request) large video display and DVD player for video presentations (slideshows, photos, films) illustrating essential moments in the life of the deceased. The presentations can be realized on request, by our company, in less than 24 hours from the preliminary order, and, only with materials put at our disposal by the family/friends/close ones of the one that passed away




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Agency / sell point: TIMIŞOARA, Calea Martirilor st. no. 22 SAD, Romania  |  Schedule NON-STOP

Phone numbers (available 24/7): 0721-849 364 | 0721-266 967


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