The wreaths are usually made of chrysanthemums, carnations or gerbera. For this type of flowers the available color options are white, yellow or red. The number of flowers used in a wreath are 24 and its dimensions are 65 x 50 cm.

Big wreaths are made on a fir wood structure and can be decorated with the following type of flowers: carnations, roses, chrysanthemums, gerbera, Dutch orchid, anthurium („Flamingo" flower). These flowers are applied on the wreath's green fir branches and the colors available are: white, yellow, pink, red, burgundy and violet. Depending on the chosen flower combination their number may vary between 45 and 80. The usual dimensions of a big wreath are 120 x 60 cm.


For the text that will be written on the wreath's ribbon we suggest  some of the usual quotes used in this sad moments: 1: The memory of you will always be in our hearts. / 2: Your memory will forever be with us. / 3: You will never be forgotten. / 4: With all our grief. / 5: Our pious tribute. / 6: Our last tribute. / 7: Our deepest  regrets. / 8: Our condoleances. / 9: Eternal regrets. / 10: In deeply grief.


The deceased is honored at the funeral ceremony by brining floral tributes, such as bouquets (mainly for the coffin)  and wreaths.

The funeral bouquets are made of chrysan-themums or irises (flag), white or violet color, bundled together with fern or palm leaves. The flowers used in the bouquet, their color and number will be in agreement with you and will be executed only on preliminary order.

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