FuneraliaTM FuneraliaTM provides

internal and international funeral transport, according to European standards, with modern vehicles (Mercedes-Benz Vito and Volksvagen T6), certified and specially authorized for mortuary transport. The transport is made by professionals, in excellent hygienic conditions, with the outmost respect for the deceased and the person who accompanies this one.


The following documents are mandatory for internal funeral transport:

  Burial certificate

  Death certificate

  Embalming certificate

  PHD Notice for funeral transport-Public Health Department



The following documents are mandatory for repatriation and international funeral transport:

  International Death certificate

  Mortuary passport

  Burial certificate

  Embalming certificate

  Coffin sealing certificate

  International transport permits


We also provide transport of the deceased from the Airport to the desired destination.

You can also find us on:

Agency / sell point: TIMIŞOARA, Calea Martirilor st. no. 22 SAD, Romania  |  Schedule NON-STOP

Phone numbers (available 24/7): 0721-849 364 | 0721-266 967